FileMaker Training

Learn how to work on your FileMaker database so it works better for you! We provide many types of FileMaker training solutions to best suit your needs.

FileMaker Boot Camp

filemaker-business-alliance-trainerA three day training class focused around being an awesome developer.  The FileMaker Boot Camp is for aspiring developers or seasoned developers preparing for the FileMaker Certification . This course focuses on the FileMaker Training Series Advanced along with experienced Advanced Tips.  Expect to take your skills to the next level. The course is $1,500 per person for all 3 days of training OR $700 per individual class.

FileMaker Essentials Course

We offer a one-day Introduction to FileMaker course that provides you the core essentials needed for you or your staff to effectively use and maintain a FileMaker system. This course focuses on learning the core aspects of FileMaker Pro, including navigating, working with records, finding data, modes, layouts, printing, importing/exporting, and document management. The course is $300 per person.

FileMaker Coaching

We provide you one-on-one instruction based on your needs. We utilize online tools to collaborate in real time over the Internet. Bring your punch list of development you would like help with and we will guide you to the best way to solve your problems. There is a 10-hour minimum required for coaching services.

Custom Onsite Training

Do you have a unique training situation or have a large group of employees to train? We can come to you for custom onsite training, tailored to your needs! Contact us to discuss further your FileMaker training needs.

Upcoming Cincinnati Schedule
FileMaker Boot Camp

Tues. November 10th-12th – 9am-4pm EST – Sign Up
Day 1 – Data Modeling & Calculations
Day 2 – Interface
Day 3 – Scripting & Reporting

Tues. January 19th-21st – 9am-4pm EST – Sign Up
Day 1 – Data Modeling & Calculations
Day 2 – Interface
Day 3 – Scripting & Reporting 

Cincinnati Training Facility Location

2830 Mack Road
Fairfield, OH 45014

Please note: Our Cincinnati Training Facility is at a different location than our Cincinnati office location.

Upcoming Indianapolis Schedule
FileMaker Essentials Course

Tues. October 13th – 9am-4pm EST – Sign Up
Tues. December 15th – 9am-4pm EST – Sign Up
Tues. February 9th – 9am-4pm EST – Sign Up

Indianapolis Training Facility Location

8604 Allisonville Road
Suite 327
Indianapolis, IN 46250