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Our People

We are a team of FileMaker experts focused on adding value to your organization.

kevin hammond
Kevin HammondPresident & Business Project Manager
jeremiah hammond
Jeremiah HammondFileMaker Developer, Senior Technical Project Lead
david happersberger thumb
David HappersbergerBusiness Development, FileMaker Licensing Specialist
emory brown
Emory BrownFileMaker Developer
jason scharf
Jason ScharfFileMaker Developer
jeff tzucker
Jeff TzuckerUser Experience Designer
michael westendorf
Michael WestendorfFileMaker Developer
Brendan McBride
Brendan McBrideFileMaker Developer
ian haas
Ian HaasFileMaker Developer
weihao ding
Weihao DingFileMaker Developer
nate williams
Nate WilliamsFileMaker Developer